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Music enhances TV and Film action and helps to set mood and tone. However, there are legions of stories of films being produced and then shelved because the producers can...
Music to My Ears
Running an independent production company involves considerable administrative management. Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool that helps indie producers stay on top of ...
Minding the Dollars & Cents – Part 3
Students learn what’s involved in working with an editor and how to manage the process of acquiring and clearing stills, stock footage and music rights. They also comple...
It’s a Wrap!
Negotiations are a part of daily life. We negotiate with friends, family, suppliers, and vendors. Successful negotiations are essential to achieving success in TV, Film...
The Give & Take, the Push and Pull
The world of buying and selling content is a complex one. Screens and platforms on which to program content are proliferating wildly. The course covers identifying suitab...
We Have a Deal! – Part 1
This intensive course, on rights negotiation, offers insight into how to generate maximum revenue from content – what to keep, what to let go, the option of bundling all ...
We Have a Deal! – Part 2
International Program Overview
This course addresses the fundamentals of Business Affairs upon which all successful creative projects rest. The program provides students with a thorough understanding o...
The Paper Trail – Part 3

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