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Students learn the steps involved in taking an idea from the concept stage through the development process. Who owns the project? This includes shaping the idea to fit ...
Spitballing and Beyond
As digital technology continues to impact traditional broadcasting, the death knell has been tolling for traditional broadcasting. Yet many channels, particularly special...
Down But Not Out
Every day, content creators all over the world develop and deliver in a variety of genres – children’s programs, documentaries, drama series, reality & life-style shows, ...
From Suite to Screen
This course addresses the fundamentals of Business Affairs upon which all successful creative projects rest. The program provides students with a thorough understanding o...
The Paper Trail – Part I
Students learn how industry professionals set up and manage a production office. The course also zeroes in on financing models (crowd-funding – formal & informal; broadca...
You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two
Running an independent production company involves considerable clerical and administrative management. QuickBooks is software designed for small and mid-size business o...
Minding the Dollars & Cents – Part 1
International Program Overview
What are the roles, responsibilities and skills necessary to be an effective producer in the process of creating? Students learn about the varieties of producers – creati...
Producer, Producer!

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