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Participants learn the ABCs of TV/Film and Digital Media industries in an interactive course that provides essential business information from concept to production to di...
So, You’ve Made a Film . . . Now What?
The most creative figure in episodic television, the showrunner really does “run the show.” They manage day-to-day activities and are engaged in creative aspects of a tel...
So, You Want to be a Showrunner
The role of the executive producer is not limited to “finding the money.” Their role varies depending on the genre, broadcaster, or production. They are also responsible ...
So, You Want to be an Executive Producer
Students will understand essential broadcast and distribution contracts, and will gain in-depth knowledge of the various funding and federal and provincial tax credit app...
You want to be a Business Affairs Admin
The buying and selling of sports rights is big money and operates in its own niche. Today, however, there are a myriad of ways for sports fans to consume sports content. ...
So, You Want to be a TV Sports Executive
International Program Overview
So, You’ve Graduated From Film School and Can’t Find a Job in Film or TV…Now What? Over 95 percent of film and TV graduates fail to find work in the industry. This spec...
So you've graduated... Now What?

Are you ready for the next step?

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