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So you have an amazing idea for a totally awesome tv show. What now?

In order for your idea to come to life, you have to get it in front of the right eyes and even more importantly, get them to buy into your idea. Here's how to do that.


Seta was struggling to find a job in her field until she met with us. Watch how her journey into landing her dream job unfolded.

Seta graduated from university with a media degree and no job prospects. A year later she was stuck in a low paying, dead end job she hated. Her dream of a career was slipping away. What had she done wrong? Why did she not have even one interview after sending out hundreds of resumes? Then she attended a seminar at Business Media Institute.

What happened next could happen to you!  

No contacts and no experience. How can you get a job in TV, film or media? That is the question Seta asked when she attended one of our seminars. We showed her how to create a strategy for success. She learned how to package her experience. Create a plan. Develop a strategy.

She applied what she learned at MBI and her world started to change.


“I was peeved when I graduated and found out that I was totally unprepared to find work in the industry”, Seta told us. She learned what every graduate finds out: schools are not in the business of helping you get a job. She applied the skills we taught her. To her amazement, she started to get job interviews. “I couldn’t believe it”!

So what happened next?

Seta's Story

Seta's Story

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