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Hip Hop Icon Signs on To Rom-Com “Shalom Jamaica”

MBI Productions is pleased to announce that hip hop icon and actor, Michie Mee -- has signed on to their first dramatic feature film, the rom-com: Shalom Jamaica.

“I am thrilled to be part of this entertaining and fun project that offers something fresh

and new to the screen. It also brings together my two favourite countries, Canada

and Jamaica. If that isn’t enough, I also get to produce the soundtrack. How cool is

that?!”, says Michie Mee, who will write the film’s theme song as well as produce the


Shalom Jamaica was conceived by Patricia Scarlett, a Toronto-based Media

professional and producer. She engaged her Business partner and emerging

screenwriter, Diane De La Haye to develop and write the screenplay. Like Scarlett,

De La Haye is both an independent producer and an educator, training burgeoning

content creators. The script received development funding from CMF, Telefilm and

ISO’s Solidarity Fund, and is currently being reviewed by several notable US


The film tells the story of Reuben, a Jewish-Canadian widower with Jamaican roots.

Reuben, to his family’s dismay, relocates his grandson’s over-the-top bar mitzvah

from Toronto to Kingston, Jamaica, as a cover to reconnect with an old flame on the


“This storyline will appeal to any fan of the rom-com genre, immigrants who struggle

with the question ‘where is home?’ and audiences who love shows highlighting

culture-clashes and fish-out-of-water experiences,” says Diane De La Haye.

“Shenanigans and chaos abound because Jamaica, a character in and of itself, is

naturally comedic. We anticipate this movie will be a beloved hit like Cool Runnings.

The soundtrack is key to the film’s vibe, so we are thrilled to have Michie Mee on


Another member of this stellar Shalom Jamica team is Jeremy Whittaker, a Toronto-

based, Director/Writer who has signed on to direct. Jeremy’s romantic comedy,

Destiny, broke a number of box office records in Jamaica.

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